Poll: Biden’s First Year a Complete Failure

Joe Biden

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – When even a CNN poll says you’re a failure as a liberal politician, you must be a complete failure.

President Joe Biden is a complete failure.

As LegalInsurrection.com notes:

“A CNN poll conducted by SSRS in January and February found that America doesn’t like Biden.

“The articles about the CNN poll concentrate on the 56% who do not approve of anything Biden has done during his presidency.

“The buried lede: 57% of Americans consider Biden’s first year in office a failure.” [emphasis added]

Here’s a nugget from the poll that tells a large part of the tale:

“The poll suggests few have much faith in anything Washington or Biden may do this year. The share who say they felt even somewhat well represented by the federal government remained low at 32%, and only 21% of Americans said they currently had a lot of confidence in Biden’s ability to provide real leadership for the country. The share who said they had a lot of confidence in the President’s ability to work effectively with Congress has dropped by half since last March, from 32% to 15%, including a 28 percentage point drop among Democrats over that time.” [emphasis added]

Bottom line: Biden is in a world of hurt politically and is all but certain to drag the entire Democrat Party – national, state, and local – down in the upcoming November elections.

If the Democrats are to have any chance at holding the presidency in 2024, it’s all but certain that they’ll need to replace Biden as their nominee.

Here at The Last Patriot News, we think Biden and the Democrats will be wiped out politically in both the 2022 and the 2024 elections.

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