Prof Cancels Class Why?

( – Vicious far-left radicals and terrorism backers are coming out all over US college campuses as now a professor at the University of Virginia has canceled her classes to support an anti-Israel protest boycott on Monday.

Christa Robbins, an associate professor specializing in art history at UVA, has told her students that she would not be holding classes on Monday, as revealed through an email shared with The Daily Caller.

This action comes amidst a broader movement within UVA, where an alliance of student organizations under UVA Apartheid Divest advocates for a referendum.

This proposal urges the university to withdraw its endowment investments from enterprises benefiting from Israel’s actions.

The collective orchestrated a “Yes on Divest Walkout” on Monday, and Robbins has backed it.

“I’m writing to let you know that I am canceling class today in solidarity with the ‘Yes on Divest Walkout’ that the UVA Apartheid Divest Coalition organized. I realize this issue is polarizing right now, so I want to take a moment to let you know why I made this choice,” the professor said in her email.

“My decision to cancel class comes from my own sympathies with the people of Palestine and out of a desire to see them live freely,” she added.

On October 7, Israel was victimized when the Palestinian Arab terrorist group Hamas invaded it from the Palestinian Gaza Strip and massacred brutally over 1,400 people.

The initiative led by UVA Apartheid Divest seeks to have the university undergo an “auditing process” to ascertain the extent of its endowment funds’ investment in companies that are implicated in what is described as Israel’s oppressive policies against Palestinians. It calls for divesting from such entities.

However, Luke Lamberson, the chair of UVA’s Board of Elections, told The Caller that the referendum, despite its intentions, lacks legal force to change the university’s endowment without the endorsement of the Board of Visitors, which governs the university.

Against this backdrop, there are reports of increasing hostility towards pro-Israel students on campus, with some facing physical and verbal abuses, including anti-Semitic insults.

An attorney, Joel Nied, representing some of the affected students, recounted incidents of intimidation and harassment that have compelled students to conceal their Jewish identity and, in severe cases, change their living arrangements for safety.

Since October 7, US college campuses have seen a spike in pro-Palestinian activism and anti-Semitic incidents.