PROOF: Democrats Control Most Violent Cities in US

New York City Mayor Eric Adams

( – Almost all of America’s 30 cities with the highest murder rates are controlled by Democrats, according to a new report, which attributes that to the leftist soft-on-crime policies.

The report by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank based in Washington, DC, also emphasizes the role of “rogue” prosecutors, primarily elected with money from leftist billionaire George Soros.

“Starting in 2016, with the election of the first [George] Soros rogue prosecutor, Kim Foxx, in Chicago, cities with rogue prosecutors have imposed policies that all — each and every one of them — inure to the benefit of criminals, as we have detailed in our scholarship for the past two years,” the report emphasized.

The Heritage Foundation also pointed out that 27 of the top 30 homicide rate cities in the United States, as per 2022 data, are run by the Democratic Party.

The only exceptions on the list are Lexington, Kentucky, and Jacksonville, Florida, which have Republican mayors, and Las Vegas, Nevada, whose mayor is an independent.

Heritage cited data from the Datalytics research company showing that the highest murder rates in America this year had been observed in New Orleans, Louisiana – 36.8 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants; Baltimore, Maryland – 29.1 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants; and Birmingham, Alabama – 28 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Datalytics information also showed that America’s average homicide rate has spiked by 30% compared with 2019-2020.

The Heritage Foundation stressed that 14 of the 27 murder-plagued, Democrat-run cities have DAs who are progressivists and were elected on Soros’s money.

“[These prosecutors] have enacted policies that favor criminals, including cash bail reform, releasing convicted felons, refusing to prosecute thefts, drug possession, shoplifting, and several other misdemeanor offenses,” the report said.

In 2022, the 14 cities with district attorneys linked to George Soros have registered 1,752 of the total of 2,554 murders in all 30 top homicide rate cities.

The Heritage report thus refuted a report by the leftist DC-based think tank Third Way issued in March of this year, which claimed that Republican leadership in red states was causing high homicide rates.

Focusing on state-wide figures rather than city figures, the report cited Mississippi’s murder rate as 20.5 per 100,000 inhabitants, Louisiana’s 15.79, and Kentucky’s 14.32 to claim that GOP-run states were more affected by “the murder problem.”

“That report cited the states without breaking out the cities and their respective counties which were mostly run by Democrats, and dropped the rates significantly,” The Heritage Foundation report pointed out.

“It is apparent that some states’ homicide rates are determined heavily by crime in certain counties. It is thus naïve and nonsensical to make partisan claims about states’ overall crime rates while completely neglecting how various localities contribute to these rates,” The Heritage Foundation report concluded.