Putin Plans Public Executions

Vladimir Putin

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – As odd as it may seem at times, there are rules to war among civilized people. Then again, much of the civilized world has long realized that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a war criminal, a communist, and a man who routinely sends teams of assassins around the globe to kill his critics – including journalists who expose the truth about the crimes he commits as one of the world’s most dangerous communists.

As Newsmax is reporting:

Russia has drawn up plans, which include public executions, to discourage Ukrainians from fighting back against President Vladimir Putin’s forces, a European intelligence official said.

“Bloomberg reported Thursday morning that Moscow had developed methods to break morale among Ukrainians fighting for their liberty following Russia’s unprovoked attack.

“The Kremlin’s strategy, to be used after Russian troops take control of a city, included crackdowns on protests, detention of opponents, and potentially carrying out public executions, the official told Bloomberg.”

As previously noted, Putin is a thug and a war criminal who wants nothing less than to force millions of free people into the human bondage of communism. It is shocking how many people don’t take heed of the fact that, first and foremost, Russia is a communist country.

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