Red States WIN; Judge BLOCKS Biden

Joe Biden

( – In a vital new victory for Republican-led states, a federal judge has issued a temporary injunction against the Biden administration’s suspension of liquefied natural gas (LNG) export permits.

This decision represents a significant triumph for a group of over a dozen states that had contested the suspension, National Review stresses in a report.

Judge James Cain, who was appointed by former President Trump, granted the preliminary injunction following a request from 16 red states.

These states argued that the climate policy would detrimentally affect their economic well-being.

Earlier in January, the Department of Energy put a hold on all new LNG export approvals to countries that are not part of a Free Trade Agreement, aiming to evaluate the potential environmental impact of new LNG projects on carbon emissions.

However, Judge Cain determined that the federal officials did not adequately explain the need for this environmental review, which is scheduled to conclude early next year.

“Here, it appears that the DOE has failed to provide a more detailed justification for its halt of the approval process to conduct an update, especially considering that past precedent, which the applicants relied upon, allowed the approval of the applications to proceed when updates were made,” wrote Judge Cain.

He further critiqued the federal government’s decision to stop LNG approvals as being “completely without reason or logic and is perhaps the epiphany of ideocracy.”

In response, both the White House and the Department of Energy voiced their disagreement with the injunction.

“We remain committed to informing our decisions with the best available economic and environmental analysis, underpinned by sound science,” a White House spokesperson stated, expressing disappointment with the court’s decision.

They highlighted that the United States continues to be the world’s leading LNG exporter, with projections to more than double its current capacity by the decade’s end.

A spokesperson from the Department of Energy articulated their disagreement with the ruling, noting that the department would proceed to review the court’s decision and assess possible future actions.

Opponents of the administration’s pause on LNG exports lauded the court’s decision as a severe setback to the Biden administration’s climate strategy.

“This is a big win for the country’s energy industry and the millions of jobs it supports against the attacks from the Biden administration to further its radical climate change agenda at the expense of our economy,” remarked West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

“This administration’s Energy Department has no such authority to justify this ban – authority on matters like this lies with Congress and Congress alone,” he emphasized.

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