Reminder: Joy Reid Is a Lying Homophobe

MSNBC Show Host Joy Reid

( – The other evening, on his popular Fox News television show, Tucker Carlson raised questions about MSNBC show host Joy Reid.

Specifically, Carlson wanted to know why Reid hasn’t been charged with a crime stemming from what Carlson and many others believe was a false claim by Reid of her blog being hacked years ago when it contained posts smearing homosexuals.

As Mediaite recounts in” ‘Why Hasn’t Joy Reid Been Charged?’: Tucker Carlson Blasts MSNBC Host After FBI Investigated Her Questionable Hacking Claim“:

“Tucker Carlson devoted a segment of his show Thursday to Joy Reid’s homophobic blog posts and her claim the FBI was investigating the matter after she said it was hacked in 2018.

“Reid told Mediaite four years ago that an old blog of hers in which she repeatedly denigrated gay men had actually been written by nefarious hackers…

“‘Whatever happened to Joy Reid’s gay-bashing scandal?’ Carlson asked. ‘She was found a few years ago to have written this blog attacking gay people, putting them in danger, and then she said she never wrote it. Someone had hacked her blog, and she called law enforcement, we never heard the end of that.'” [emphasis added]

And then Carlson asked his guest the kicker question:

“‘We’ve got a murder epidemic underway in the country, there’s a war brewing in eastern Europe,’ Carlson said. ‘Now is not the time to tie up FBI resources with your fake hate crime claims. Why hasn’t Joy Reid been charged for lying about this hacking of her blog?‘” [emphasis added]

Good question. Why hasn’t Reid been charged — just like Jussie Smollett — with making a false claim to federal law enforcement officers?

If you would like to watch the segment by Tucker Carlson, you can do so by clicking HERE.

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