REVEALED: Obama Tied to Biden Family’s Foreign Deals

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

( – A senior Republican congressman investigating the alleged criminality of the Biden family is convinced Barack Obama was aware of the foreign business deals that his then-Vice President Joe Biden and his family were making with America’s enemies while Obama was President.

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The assessment that Obama “must have known about the Biden family business” came from US Rep. James Comer, the chairman of the Oversight Committee at the House of Representatives.

Comer spoke on Lou Dobbs’ podcast, the Great America Show, after last Wednesday, he announced interim results from his committee’s probe into the First Family’s finances, showing the Bidens received more than $10 million from foreign business schemes in Romania and Communist China.

According to Comer, the money seems to have been paid in exchange for “influence peddling” within the US government, and that was the reason Obama didn’t want Biden to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for president of the United States in the 2016 election.

“I believe, Lou, that it’s because [Obama] knew what Joe Biden was doing the last year of his vice presidency,” declared the House Oversight Committee chief, as cited by Breitbart News.

“He knew his son [Hunter Biden] was no good, and he knew this was nothing but a political liability not just for our country, not just for the democrat party, but for Obama’s legacy,” he added.

Comer emphasized that “a lot of this happened during the Obama administration,” referring to the alleged influence peddling by the Bidens.

“So, I think that’s why Obama didn’t want Joe Biden to run for president. I think they knew about this,” he added.

“And remember, a lot of these coverups would have happened during the Obama administration with Obama appointees in these deep state bureaucracies,” the Kentucky Republican emphasized.

He elaborated that some journalists from the leftist mainstream media should ask Obama whether all of that was true.

“This would be a great question for Obama: Were you aware of what was going on with Joe Biden with respect to foreign policy and some of these ragtag countries around the world?” Comer insisted.

He added the House Republicans wanted to make sure that Biden’s Justice Department would learn about their evidence on “Biden money laundering and racketeering” as it was predicted to give First Son Hunter Biden a plea deal in a “mere” tax evasion or gun violation investigation.

On the podcast, Comer doubled down on the revelations that Joe Biden and nine other family members received money from Communist China.

“The American public wants to know why they were paid that money and why the Federal government isn’t investigating corruption at the highest levels. No one has claimed Comer’s evidence isn’t true, bank records don’t lie,” the Great America Show wrote in its podcast brief.

“Comer was surprised when the mainstream media didn’t report on the evidence the Committee presented,” it emphasized.