Rubio Slams ‘Laptop Liberals’ and ‘Marxist Misfits’

Marco Rubio

( – Republican US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has issued a grim warning that a small Democrat elite of “Marxist misfits” and “laptop liberals” is seeking to gain all-out control over the people of the United States of America.

“[Today’s America is seeing a] divide between people who work for a living, live in the real world, and have to raise their children, and people who live in a fantasy world and have the affluence and the buffer necessary to worry about things that don’t really matter, and to focus on things that really aren’t true,” the Florida senator declared.

Speaking at the National Conservatism Conference in Miami, Florida, Rubio pointed out that the divide became highly obvious during the pandemic when some had “the luxury of working from home,” unlike many others whose jobs couldn’t be done remotely.

“The Democratic Party today is the party of affluent elites that live on the Upper West side or in West Beverly Hills and who have the luxury of worrying about things that don’t matter to people in daily life,” he said.

From there onwards, the divide has morphed into a new power balance,

The Florida Republican declared that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the American political divide has morphed into a new power balance.

“A small, out of touch elite are now in charge of every major institution in American society. And they are interested in ushering in Marxism in various facets of American life,” Rubio warned, as cited by Breitbart News.

“Marxism is a lot more than just socialism. Socialism is an economic model. Marxism is a power model. Socialism is government engagement in our economy. … Marxism is a power structure… Marxism is about controlling people. The elites who embrace this ideology… believe the public need to be controlled by a handful of people,” he elaborated.

The GOP Senator emphasized how the radical left is pursuing its agenda of total control by feverishly seeking to indoctrinate children in schools to “shape and mold their minds” while preventing “their parents to interfere in that.”

The Florida Republican then drew on the experience of his family, who fled the Communist regime in Cuba.

“Some people say, oh, you’re just paranoid because you know, you’ve been raised your whole life around people that lost their country to Marxism. Well, yeah, maybe, but just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you right? I don’t call it paranoia, I call it I’ve seen this movie before,” he warned.

“Our challenge is to craft a vision of America’s future built on a governing consensus that captures what holds us together as a nation, what’s important for our country, and what allows us to persevere so that the American miracle survives for one generation more,” Rubio argued.

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