Russia and China Not Invited To Meeting On Fighting Cybercrime

Russia and China Not Invited To Meeting On Fighting Cybercrime

( – With the amount of technology in the world today and the amount of time people spend on the Internet, it’s no surprise that countries show concern over cybersecurity. The US looks to lead a meeting to discuss cybersecurity and ransomware. Oddly enough, China and Russia didn’t receive invitations to the meeting.

Given the position both countries hold in the global economy, it’s strange that they won’t be present. Recent events involving both countries are likely reasons why they don’t have a spot, though the US indicated that representatives for the two countries might be present in future talks.

Intelligence has long suggested Russia and China are vessels for cybercrimes. Experts in private-sector cybersecurity noted that many cyber and ransomware gangs originate from Russia and Ukraine. But US officials have indicated that the US left Russia out of the meeting, which had 30 countries in attendance, due to Washington and Moscow having a direct line to discuss the topic.

The six-session two-day meeting will see the 30 countries, led by the US, discuss matters such as prosecuting cybercriminals, stopping the misuse of virtual currency, helping nations better defend against cybercrime, and finding diplomatic solutions to counter cyber-attacks and ransomware.

Viewing history it would appear omitting China and Russia from the meeting altogether may be a wise decision. Or has the global community finally decided these are just a couple of the entities from which cybersecurity needs protecting?

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