Sanctuary Cities END Programs – Unexpected Twist!

( – In an unexpected twist, Democrat mayors who once promoted their cities as welcoming sanctuaries for illegal aliens are now ending their key shelter programs due to mounting costs and community backlash.

New York City, Chicago, and Denver—each a self-declared “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants—are shifting policies for their migrant shelters as they struggle with the financial impact of mass illegal migration.

Over the past several years, their taxpayers have spent more than $1 billion to house and feed hundreds of thousands of migrants.

“Never in my life have I had a problem that I didn’t see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said during a September 2023 town hall, lamenting how the Big Apple was receiving up to “10,000 illegals a month” at the time.

According to city officials, more than 200,000 illegals have overwhelmed New York City since spring 2022. The influx forced Adams to declare 5% budget cuts in September 2023 for government programs and services to pay for migrant housing and other services.

Moreover, illegals living in shelters were ordered to leave after 30 days with no ability to reapply, though exceptions for medical conditions or “extenuating circumstances” were given.

Similarly, Chicago has welcomed over 43,000 illegals since August 2022 and spent around $150 million to feed and house them. The financial situation became so dire that the city faced a $538 million budget shortfall, with $200 million tied directly to the migration crisis.

In response, Chicago enacted a new 60-day shelter policy for most adult migrants, forcing many to leave. According to local reporting, roughly 1,000 illegals had been kicked out of the shelter system by mid-June.

According to the Common Sense Institute, the Denver metro area has accepted more than 42,000 illegals from Central and South America since December 2022.

The organization estimates that Denver taxpayers and other local organizations have spent as much as $340 million to feed, clothe, shelter, and provide other services to them.

Earlier this year, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced sweeping budget cuts to allocate enough money for illegals’ services, with an $8.4 million reduction from the city’s police department and a $2.5 million reduction in funding to the fire department.

The policy reversals in New York City, Chicago, and Denver came despite all three jurisdictions being self-declared “sanctuary” cities, making them welcoming destinations for those living unlawfully in the country.

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