School Teaching Kids How To Apply Drag Queen Makeup

Drag Makeup Being Applied To Middle School Student

( – In an example that many conservative parents are pointing to as what they don’t want their children being taught in school, particularly when the children are at a young and impressionable age, a New York City middle school brought in a “drag performer” to teach children how to apply “drag makeup.”

Additionally, the New York City Council sponsored and financed the planned program.

You can see a tweet with a photo showing what was happening a bit further down this post.

Sources indicate that some parents were not happy when they learned about this program and that their children were instructed in a classroom setting on drag culture and how to apply drag makeup.

What is your opinion?

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Do you agree or disagree with middle school students being taught how to apply drag makeup by a drag performer?

Would you let your child attend a program like this while in middle school? Why or why not? We respect all opinions and read all emails. Thank you, and have a good day.