See Where This Middle School Teacher Took Kids On a Field Trip

( – A school district in Michigan caused a public scandal by taking students to a restaurant with stripper poles and threatening to sue a trustee who revealed it.

On November 16, sixth-grade students from Hart Middle School in Rochester Hills, Michigan, were taken to the Niki’s Pizza restaurant in Detroit, a venue with a stripper pole lounge named “Niki’s Lounge,” The New York Post reported.

Before that, the band and orchestra six-graders had attended a performance by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Andrew Weaver, a parent and a trustee of the Rochester Community Schools (RCS), revealed the case in which the middle school students ended up in a strip club.

“The students were moved from Niki’s Pizza due to a lack of available space to the Lounge where they tried out some pole dancing,” Weaver alleged in a Facebook post on January 6.

His posts included photos of the children playing on the stripper poles and Niki’s Loung adult scene and drinks.

Lori Grein, the strategic communication director of the RCS school district, denied in comments to The Daily Caller that the students had been taken “to an eatery attached to a ‘strip club.’”

“Proposed field trips are evaluated by a curriculum team and require a parental/guardian permission slip,” she said.

“The safety and security of our students, staff and school community is always our priority,” the district official added.

According to Agatha Kefallinos, the owner of Niki’s Pizza and Lounge, the school would have been aware of where the children would be seated when it made the reservation.

“Typically, when we have a group of over 100 people, we give them the option of going to our second floor, which is operated as a club on Saturday nights but is closed during the day,” she explained.

“We’ve been doing this for 20 years. We’ve had dozens of school groups, and there was never an issue,” Kefallinos added.

The owner also claimed that the metal poles in the lounger were not stripper poles but “part of the decorations.”

RCS trustee Weaver, however, insisted that the school district’s actions were inadequate during and after the field trip.

“Many community members feel that there is too much time and energy spent trying to stop people from knowing about the actions that reflect poorly on the District while not enough time or energy is spent on actually doing anything about the issue(s) at hand,” he declared in a Facebook post on January 8.

On January 11, the whistleblower trustee disclosed the district tried to silence him after, on December 21, Superintendent Robert Shaner sent a letter to the board urging them “take immediate action to ensure Mr. Weaver’s compliance with protocol” while threatening to seek “legal redress.”