Sen. Josh Hawley’s Plan for Illegal Aliens

US Sen. Josh Hawley

( – A new bill in the US Congress seeks to allow states to deport illegal immigrants independently and enforce federal immigration legislation, as the Republicans are accusing President Joe Biden’s administration of refusing to enforce immigration laws.

The draft law introduced by GOP US Senator of Missouri, Josh Hawley, on Tuesday is entitled the “Empowering States to Deport Illegal Immigrants Act.”

Fox News reported that the law would authorize state and local law enforcement officers to put into force some federal legal provisions for tackling illegal immigration.

The bill would also permit states to use government resources to enforce US immigration law. However, doing so would violate a 2012 US Supreme Court ruling which limits state powers concerning immigration enforcement.

Besides that, Sen. Josh Hawley’s draft law would allow state prosecutors to start prosecutions under federal immigration law. Besides that, state governments would be able to deport illegals and thus secure the Southern Border.

More than 5 million illegal immigrants are estimated to have entered the United States in the first 20 months of Joe Biden’s Presidency, including some 1 million gotaways.

So far, in the 2022 fiscal year, which ends on September 30, the United States has seen more than 2.1 million illegals enter the country, the first time their number has surpassed the two-million threshold.

The figure includes only those apprehended by Border Patrol agents, while over 500,000 more illegals are believed to have entered America as gotaways during that period.

“If Joe Biden isn’t going to enforce immigration laws, why don’t we let the states enforce immigration laws?” GOP Sen. Josh Hawley asked on Fox News last week.

“The State of Texas would love to, the states of Florida, Arizona, they’d love to enforce immigration laws,” Hawley speculated.

“Let’s them do it, let’s let them secure the border, let’s let them deport illegal immigrants according to our laws. Let’s take the gloves off here, let’s enforce the law, let’s restore order to the border,” the Republican Senator urged.

While Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has been releasing illegal immigrants inside the United States, local and state-level lawmakers in the border states of Texas and Arizona have called upon their governors to declare an “invasion,” which would trigger more powers to remove migrants.

Texas and Arizona have also tried to reinforce law enforcement at the border, in the latter’s case – by using makeshift materials to plug gaps in the unfinished border wall started by former President Donald Trump.

The Republican governors of Texas and Arizona have been shipping off illegal immigrants to Democrat-run communities such as Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago, and Martha’s Vineyard island.

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