Shocker: Biden Vaxx Mandate Excludes His Cronies

Vaccine Mandates

( – There’s nothing that angers patriotic Americans more than when the government is exempted from the laws, regulations, orders, and mandates the government imposes on every other American.

And, that’s exactly what’s happened when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates President Joe Biden and the Biden administration is imposing on businesses and individuals all across the United States of America – including members of the United States Armed Forces.

Yet, while all those millions of Americans are impacted by Biden’s mandates, a significant portion of federal employees are not mandated to comply with Biden’s unprecedented orders.

As it turns out and was revealed when a typically liberal, mainstream media “fact-checking” organization tried to debunk some rumors of mandate exemptions, members of Congress, federal judges, and all employees of Congress and the federal judiciary ARE, in fact, exempt from Biden’s vax mandates.

According to Reuters, “Congress is a part of the legislative branch and therefore not subject to the vaccine mandate.” And “[t]here is no national vaccine policy for the judicial branch.”

As every patriot knows, the hypocrisy of the federal government is neverending.

What do you think? What is your opinion? Please email us at [email protected] and share your opinion on the fact that many members of the federal government are exempted from the vaccine mandates that are being imposed on businesses and individuals all across the United States of America. Are you surprised that many federal employees who work for Congress and the judicial branch are exempted from President Joe Biden’s mandates on other Americans? Why or why not?

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