Skeletons Missing Hands and Feet Found Where?

( – Skeletons lacking their hands and feet, along with the remains of an infant, have been unearthed beneath the residence of Hermann Goering, a convicted war criminal who was one of the most prominent men in Nazi Germany and a close ally of Adolf Hitler.

The finding was made by German and Polish archaeologists excavating the Wolf’s Lair in Poland, a series of bunkers and ruins that previously served as a remote command center for Adolf Hitler’s close associates.

Beneath a wooden floor in the air marshal’s abode, approximately 10cm underground, investigators discovered fragments of a human skull, DNyuz reports.

Further excavation exposed five skeletons: three adults, one adolescent, and an infant. Each of these remains lacked both hands and feet, leading Polish prosecutors to initiate an investigation to determine if these were victims of Nazi atrocities.

No traces of clothing or personal adornments were found with the bodies, indicating that the victims may have been robbed and stripped before burial.

Oktavian Bartoszewski, one of the archaeologists, proposed that the bodies were interred subsequent to the construction of the house, as they were located beneath some pipelines.

“Those who laid the pipes should have discovered the human remains. We were completely shocked,” he commented to Spiegel magazine.

Polish authorities have reported no signs of a contemporary crime, bolstering the theory that these events date back to the Second World War and might implicate Goering directly.

He was a leading figure within the Nazi party and commanded the Luftwaffe, the Nazi air force, during the conflict.

The Wolf’s Lair, composed of about 200 structures, was established in occupied Poland in 1940 and became a favored retreat for Hitler.

It is also known as the site of the failed assassination attempt on Hitler on July 20, 1944, when a bomb planted by Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, a Nazi officer, narrowly missed taking the dictator’s life.

Throughout the years, enthusiasts have uncovered various artifacts at the site, from household items to belongings possibly owned by members of Hitler’s inner circle.

However, prior to this grim discovery, it was believed that Goering’s house had revealed all of its secrets.

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