“Slap A Teacher Challenge” Doesn’t Actually Show Up On TikTok

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Across the United States, schools are issuing warnings to staff members of an ongoing Internet “challenge.” The social media trend “Slap a Teacher” has prompted concern from administrations. Some people say the challenge originated from TikTok, but the popular social media app is claiming innocence.

A South Carolina school issued a statement on Facebook warning educators about the possible trend. The statement indicated that one of its elementary students assaulted a teacher as a result of the challenge. The South Carolina school’s representative wanted to remind people that this trend, like the “Devious Licks Challenge” before it, is criminal behavior. The previous movement encouraged students to steal or vandalize property.

TikTok, the alleged beginning point of the challenge, investigated immediately and insisted its people found no evidence of such behavior on their platform. The social media app took to Twitter to share the findings. TikTok added that a challenge of that nature would go against its standards, and the company would remove any videos that attempted to promote the illegal behavior.

TikTok believes the challenge originated elsewhere. While the company didn’t name any names, it’s possible kids could have found it on Facebook, Instagram or other major social media outlets. The child may have even fabricated the challenge. Whatever the case, the trend doesn’t seem to be gaining traction, but schools are preemptively issuing warnings to staff and students.

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