‘Slavery Reparations’ Outrage

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In a new outrage involving the so-called “slavery reparations” demanded by leftist extremists and other America haters, a math professor who got fired for criticizing the idea, has been engaged in a two-year legal battle against his former university.

The professor, Gregory Manco, is suing Saint Joseph’s University following a dispute that erupted due to his social media remarks critical of slavery reparations, among other issues, The College Fix reports.

The professor has a long-standing professional relationship with the university, having taught there for nearly twenty years and also serving as a baseball coach.

His lawsuit claims that certain university administrators and a handful of left-leaning alumni collaborated to “cancel” him after he posted controversial tweets.

This controversy began when a former student, who had failed Manco’s course in 2017, discovered in 2021 that he was behind a previously anonymous Twitter account named “South Jersey Giants.”

She filed a complaint against Manco, accusing him of racism based on his tweets, despite having never previously lodged any complaints about him during her time as a student.

The university’s administration allegedly encouraged her to gather more evidence, which led to a public solicitation on social media for further accusations of racism against Manco. This resulted in four additional alumni coming forward.

Despite having received highly favorable evaluations before this incident, Manco was promptly suspended in 2021 while the university conducted an investigation into the racism allegations.

He contends that the investigation process was flawed and did not adhere to the university’s due process policies. The investigation ultimately found insufficient evidence against him, a point the lawsuit emphasizes by claiming that the investigation actually exonerated him. Additionally, the lawsuit notes that Manco had never been accused of bias or discrimination in any formal evaluations prior to this incident.

In January 2022, Manco filed a lawsuit against the university and five alumni for defamation, false light, breach of contract, and retaliation, among other allegations. He is seeking punitive damages and named the alumni as defendants, providing emails and text messages to refute their accusations.

In response, the university terminated Manco’s employment four months later, arguing that his lawsuit breached the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

At that time, he was working as an adjunct and was scheduled to teach in the upcoming summer and fall semesters. Following his dismissal, Manco secured a position at Rutgers University, where he had studied previously.

The university’s spokesperson, Kevin Gfeller, stated via email to The College Fix, “the matter is before the court, and out of respect for the judicial process, Saint Joseph’s University will respond in that forum.”

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