Soldiers: ‘We May Come to an End’

( – Having resisted Russia’s brutal military invasion for over two years now, soldiers of US ally Ukraine are now pleading for new US military aid, sending the alarming message that their nation will be destroyed by Putin’s legions unless America steps in with more weaponry and ammunition.

Putin’s Russia began what turned out to be the largest war in Europe since World War II on February 24, 2022, by attacking a democratic Ukraine from three sides with 200,000 troops.

On the eve of the State of the Union Address, Ukrainian military personnel arrived in Washington DC to ask America for additional military assistance, stating that without it, Ukraine’s defeat was imminent.

“Unless we receive that support, we may come to an end,” Yuliia Paievska from the Ukrainian Medical Forces Command told The Daily Caller.

This urgent request from the Ukrainian fighters corresponds with the troubling reports emerging from the front lines, indicating that Ukraine is gradually being pushed back and forced to relinquish crucial territories.

The Caller points out that the discourse around whether increased military and weaponry support could significantly impact Ukraine’s efforts in the war continues.

The international community has already provided Ukraine with over $100 billion in military assistance since the onset of the conflict, including substantial contributions from the US and its NATO and European allies, as reported by the Kiel Institute.

The Biden administration has advocated for Congress to expedite the approval of an additional $60 billion funding package for Ukraine, arguing that failure to support Kyiv and a resultant Russian victory could endanger surrounding NATO member states.

The decision on this package is currently under consideration by Congress.

“I can say that every unit of weapons delivered to Ukraine has been 100% useful and helpful,” stated Ukrainian National Guard 2nd Lt. Dmytro Finashyn.

Ukraine and its allies argue that the aid provided thus far has strengthened Ukraine’s defenses against Russian advancements.

Despite Russia spending approximately $200 billion on the war effort and enduring substantial troop losses, its territorial gains have been minimal and slow.

“There is no question that Ukraine is going to win ultimately. We know this. We have faith in this. [But] as more time passes while somebody is thinking or debating, discussing, considering what assistance should be delivered, and whether and when – that costs more human lives,” said Oleksandr Batalov, a veteran of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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