Some Good News: 2 YO Saves His Family From House Fire

Brandon Dahl

( American heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

The American hero profiled below may only be 2-years-old, but he’s as much of a hero as most any we’ve had the pleasure to call attention to for bravery.

As the Chive reports in 2-year-old hero treks through hell to save his family from house fire (5 Photos):

“Brandon Dahl is only two years old, but he already is being hailed as a hero after saving his family from a house fire on Jan. 15.

“At 4:30 a.m., as the family of 7 slept, a fire broke out in the Texas home of Nathan and Kayla Dahl.

“Their smoke alarm had failed, and the duo was unable to smell the smoke after suffering from COVID-19 related anosmia.” [emphasis added]

Dahl Family Home

And here’s where Brandon comes to the rescue of his family.

“Luckily, their 2-year-old managed to make his way through the family living room, which was fully engulfed in flames, to alert his parents. Brandon may only know a couple of words, but that was all he needed to save his family from a house fire.

“When Kayla awoke to Brandon saying, “mama, hot,” she turned around to see 6-ft tall flames in the doorway. Fortunately for the family, Nathan is a volunteer firefighter and had already planned fire exit routes in preparation for such an emergency.” [emphasis added]

Great job, Brandon! You saved your family. And, great job by the family to have pre-planned (and we bet well-practiced) fire exit routes so that the entire family lived.

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