Some ‘Insurrection’: A Year Later No One Charged With Anything Close

U.S. Capitol Protest

( – It’s been exactly a year since there was a riot at the United States Capitol in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.

And, almost every day since that date, liberals, socialists, and communists in the corporate media – along with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – have claimed that what took place on that day was an insurrection, defined as a violent uprising against an authority or government.

As Newsmax notes in a piece headlined “No ‘Insurrection’ Charges Filed Against 725 People Charged in Jan. 6 Capitol Breach”:

“Exactly one year since the U.S. Capitol was breached during a 2020 election protest — an event that Democrat politicians and journalists quickly dubbed an “insurrection” and the White House, FBI, and Justice Department labeled an act of domestic terrorism — not one of the more than 700 people facing charges has been accused of anything close to insurrection or terrorism.

“And legal experts say they don’t expect insurrection charges to be filed anytime soon, despite reporters and officials repeatedly describing the Jan. 6 incident as an attempted violent overthrow of the U.S. government.” [emphasis added]

So, to use the infamous phrase from a Wendy’s commercial that former Vice President Walter Mondale first employed against Sen. Gary Hart (D-CO) during the 1984 presidential primaries, “Where’s the beef?”

Where’s the insurrection?

If there was an insurrection at the United States Capitol Complex on January 6, 2021, as Joe Biden claimed again today, why has no one – not a single person – been charged with inciting an insurrection?

What do you think? Please email [email protected] and share your opinion. Do you believe there was an insurrection – a violent uprising against an authority or government or an attempt to overthrow the federal government – on January 6, 2021? Why or why not?

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