The China Risk We Face

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently addressed Congress, warning them of the risks we currently face from China. The most shocking part of his statements was that the Chinese Communist Party was already “inside the gates” and the battle we face will have to be fought here on our own shores.

Many might not have fully understood what the Secretary of State was alluding to with that statement; but we must remember that Pompeo was the director of the CIA up until 2018. So, he has information available to him, which many others, including past Secretaries of State, might not have known.

The problem is that there are thousands of Chinese citizens involved in every area of US society. While there are many ethnic Chinese people who have become upstanding American citizens, the Chinese government has been working for 50 years to infiltrate our society. There is no way of knowing if some of those ethnic Chinese still have ties to their homeland.

We must consider in this that the Chinese government does not have a Judeo-Christian regard for the sanctity of life. Chinese citizens are seen more like the serfs of the Middle Ages, with only those rights that the government decides to give them. As such, it wouldn’t bother the government at all to threaten the lives of family members back in China, in order to use that as leverage against Chinese living here in our nation.

But that’s not the only hook that China has in our country; and in reality, that one might be a minor one. The Chinese National Bank also holds over a trillion dollars of US debt. With that ownership, they have the ability to cause a run on the dollar, causing a crash in our economy. All it would take is for them to decide to sell of those treasury bonds, and our economy would come tumbling down.

The fact that such an action would have repercussions on China as well is something I’m sure they’ve taken into consideration. The Chinese Communist Government is very analytical, only making decisions on what they believe to be scientific reasoning. Should they make such a move, they will have already calculated the expected affect on their own economy and the leadership will have decided that they can survive it. Those calculations may be wrong, but they will believe them to be right.

Finally, there is the supply chain. As we saw in the spring of 2020, we are highly dependent on China for a wide range of products. Even products made in the USA are made with components that come from China. That’s the biggest stick they’ve got that they can use against us. All they have to do is shut down production, and we’ll be destroyed. It would take years to rebuild all that capacity here at home, once again.