The Feel-Good Story Of The Weekend Is a Total Lie

Russian Cosmonauts

( – Leave it to the media to read into what appears to be a perfectly innocent coincidence in order to make a story the media would like to be true even when it is not true.

Over the weekend, three Russian cosmonauts arrived at the International Space Station. As it turned out, they were wearing yellow and blue spacesuits. As most of the world knows by now, because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the global attention that has understandably brought, the national colors of Ukraine are, yes, yellow and blue.

So, without doing some reasonably simple checking of past photographs, numerous media outlets rushed out stories with pictures of the cosmonauts proclaiming they were wearing yellow and blue spacesuits as a statement against the war launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The reality is far different as a cursory check of past photos of Russian cosmonauts shows that they often wear yellow and blue spacesuits.

As you’ll see in the tweet below – just one of many examples – here’s an example of the cosmonauts wearing the same spacesuits all the way back in 2015.

Yet, even though anyone with a search engine could find a spacecraft full of photos of Russian cosmonauts wearing the yellow and blue spacesuits, the media wanted to make it into the feel-good story of the weekend. Hence, the media told a bald-faced lie about what was happening.

Check out the tweet below and email [email protected] with your opinion about the media lying about the Russian cosmonauts and the yellow and blue spacesuits they were wearing this weekend.