‘They Want Him To Die…’

Prison Cell

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Joe Biden and the Democrats want to see former President Donald Trump “die in jail,” so they gave him “a death sentence for documents,” according to US Rep. Nancy Mace.

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South Carolina Republican Nancy Mace commented on the US Justice Department’s indictment of Trump on 37 charges connected with his alleged mishandling of classified government documents at the end of last week.

In a Fox News interview, Mace observed a connection between Trump’s indictment and the surfacing of an FBI informant file implicating Joe Biden in a $5 million bribery scheme from his time as vice president.

“Nancy Mace, you called this, okay? I heard you last week say, now that we have this FBI document [about Joe Biden], we’ll see what they come up with in terms of changing the conversation. That is exactly what happened. So on the very day that we learned that you all have seen this document, we learned that President Trump was indicted,” Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo said.

“That is right and honestly, no one’s made the connection yet either, Maria,” the GOP lawmaker responded.

“But when we got access to the suspicious activity reports, the day we got access to the SARS reports, Alvin Bragg indicted Trump in New York. The day that we got access to this 1023 form showing bribery between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in Ukraine, they indict Donald Trump again,” she pointed out.

“Every time the Oversight Committee has evidence of corruption, bribery, money laundering on the Biden family, they indict Donald Trump. Whether you agree with Donald Trump politically or not, most of America sees this for what it is, weaponizing the executive branch to take out political enemies,” Mace elaborated.

The South Carolina Republican dwelled on what she suggested were unnecessary and unfairly severe charges against Trump by a grand jury at the initiative of the Biden administration’s Justice Department.

“Look, Joe Biden wants to give Donald Trump a death sentence for documents. He’s facing hundreds of years for mishandling documents, and they want him to die in jail. And yet Hillary Clinton is standing free today,” she pointed.