This Graph Shows The Problem With Big Tech

Employee Political Donations

( – With his move to purchase Twitter, Elon Musk has brought the debate over the political bias of social media platforms and many other Big Tech firms front and center.

And, as the graph included with this post and as part of the tweet below shows (Kyle Bass is being sarcastic with his comment), the employees of Big Tech firms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google overwhelmingly give political contributions to Democrats.

So, given that fact, when it comes to their political contributions, it is a safe bet that the overwhelming majority of Big Tech employees are leftists when it comes to their political ideology.

It is also a safe bet that their political ideology impacts their actions at work. For example, their ideology could be influencing who they decide to censor, suspend, or ban on social media platforms, as they did to former President Donald Trump and many other political conservatives.

Please review the graph and share your reaction and opinion by emailing [email protected]. Do you believe that leftist employees dominate most Big Tech firms and social media platforms? Do you think the political ideology of Big Tech employees impacts the decisions they make at work? Why or why not? Thank you, and have a good weekend.