This Is Exactly Why Americans Don’t Trust The Media

The Mainstream Media

( – Here we go again with another perfect example of why American Patriots who value and cherish the First Amendment – when it is used in the manner the authors of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights intended – can’t trust the mainstream media.

Examine the tweet further down this page from Lit News Network comparing two headlines on articles published by CNN from the same reporter just ten days apart.

The first article was published on November 9th by Julie Horowitz and is headlined, “Why Joe Biden can’t do much to ease gas prices.” So, the headline is intended to make a reader believe that Biden is helpless to relieve the pain at the pump Americans are experiencing.

But, wait!

The second article was published just ten days later, on November 19th, by the same reporter and was headlined, “Oil prices are finally falling. Thank China and Joe Biden.”

So, the same Joe Biden who on November 9th was helpless to do anything about high gasoline prices was – in the eyes and slanted headlines of CNN – to be thanked (along with China!) just ten days later as gas prices started to ease slightly.

Is it any wonder Patriots don’t trust the mainstream media?

Here’s the tweet. Check it out and consider the questions we pose below.

What do you think? Share your opinion about CNN and other mainstream media outlets by emailing [email protected] Based on your personal experiences and observations, do you believe the mainstream media accurately reports the news? Or, in your opinion, does the mainstream media have a liberal – indeed, socialist or communist – agenda, and it slants the news to the hard-left to fit its agenda? Why or why not?

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