Thousands of ‘Special Interest Aliens’?!

( – As the US Southern Border has been practically erased by the administration of President Joe Biden, a new report reveals that thousands of potentially dangerous illegal immigrants – “special interest aliens” – have infiltrated the nation in just one of the border sectors in the past five months.

Since the start of Fiscal Year 2024 in October, an influx of “special interest aliens” has been documented illegally entering the United States through San Diego, California.

This has been revealed by internal data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency, which Fox News obtained.

This term refers to individuals arriving from nations which may pose national security to the United States.

The data show a staggering 140,000 illegal immigrants have crossed into the San Diego sector during this period, DNyuz reports.

“Special interest alien” individuals are meant to undergo more rigorous scrutiny by federal agencies upon their detention by the Border Patrol.

Notably, the San Diego sector has reported encounters with 2,500 individuals from Mauritania, a West African nation, 2,500 from Uzbekistan, 1,600 from Afghanistan, 850 from Russia, 500 from Tajikistan, 400 from Kyrgyzstan, and 6,100 from Turkey since October.

Additionally, the Border Patrol in San Diego has intercepted illegal immigrants from various countries, including Vietnam, Georgia, Senegal, Cameroon, Nepal, Romania, Ethiopia, Columbia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Guinea, India, Guatemala, and Peru.

Against this backdrop, reports now suggest President Biden is contemplating the adoption of certain federal immigration law provisions previously utilized by former President Trump.

This would mark a significant enforcement escalation at the Southern Border, based on insights from three individuals familiar with these discussions.

The development comes after the recent failure of a bipartisan bill that sought to combine border security funding with support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

This alleged exploration of stringent border control measures by the Biden administration highlights the significant pressure the president faces regarding immigration and border issues as he seeks reelection in November.

The current fiscal year has witnessed over 961,000 migrant encounters in less than five months, a significant figure following a record 2.4 million encounters in fiscal 2023.

December alone saw a peak of 301,000 encounters, which decreased to 176,000 in January.

The US Southern Border has been crossed by illegal immigrants more than 10 million times since Biden took over three years ago.