Thug Violence So Bad Police Reinforcements Were Needed

( – Violent teenager riots in downtown Chicago forced the city’s police to call for reinforcements for a fourth day in a row, a development that even saw shootings over the weekend.

The street violence in Chicago comes after the Democratic Party chose the city for its 2024 presidential nomination convention.

The riots erupted last Wednesday night after a mass fight involving about 200 teenagers in the city’s Millennium Park, Newsmax reported.

The thugs were fighting among themselves and targeting other people at the park. As the police struggled to contain the violence, similar incidents occurred on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Social media videos have shown gang teens engaging in vandalism, jumping on top of city buses and random cars, and rushing through the streets while the Chicago police officers failed to restore order.

On Saturday, hundreds of violent teenagers flooded the downtown for the fourth consecutive night, engaging in “spasms of violence.”

While standing in the crowd, two teens were wounded in a shooting during the riots. It remains unclear whether the two boys, aged 16 and 17, were targeted intentionally or hit by random shots.

Meanwhile, at least one bystander was beaten by the rioters. A day earlier, on Friday, a 14-year-old boy was shot in another case of teen violence, The New York Post reported.

“Last night, CPD monitored activity happening across the city and officers were in place to quickly respond to active incidents and large gatherings. We will continue to have sufficient resources in place as we work to strengthen safety in every neighborhood,” the police said after Saturday’s riots.

“It was a lot of cops here but they were still outnumbered. There were so many teenagers that showed up, and they tried to keep the peace and keep them under control,” a witness recounted.

The teen riots erupted only three days after the Democratic National Committee chose the city for its 2024 presidential convention and ten days after Chicago elected a new mayor described as “a radical, soft-on-crime, defund the police, ‘progressive.’”

Before his swearing into office, the Mayor-elect, Brandon Johnson, a former union organizer, insisted that the worsening crime in Chicago could be attributed to businesses since, according to his estimate, “70 percent don’t pay corporate taxes.”

“70 percent of large corporations in the state of Illinois don’t pay a corporate tax. It’s that type of restraint on our budget that has caused the type of disinvestment that has led to poverty, of course that has led to violence,” Johnson argued.

He did not denounce the teen rioters during a Friday visit to Jesse Jackson’s Operation Push headquarters.

“My heart breaks for the families, which should never have to suffer the pain of a child being shot or lost to gun violence in our city. As a father, what I want for my own children is what I want for every child in Chicago. Their safety, and their healing from trauma, will be a priority of my administration from day one and beyond,” Johnson declared in a statement.

“But we will not just protect our children — we will love them, and nurture them, and give every one of them the hope and purpose they deserve,” he concluded.