TikTok Challenge Causes Need For Emergency Meeting

TikTok Challenge Causes Need For Emergency Meeting

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Social media has become a staple of younger people’s lives, which means it has a heavy influence on teenagers and kids. One platform, TikTok, has become notorious for its various “challenges.” Recently, the viral demands have become malicious, beckoning a call for action.

William Tong, Attorney General (AG) of Connecticut, asked the leaders of the popular social media platform to meet with him along with teachers and parents in the state. Tong believes a meeting is necessary to discuss the potential consequences of the “Slap a Teacher Challenge,” which thankfully hasn’t gotten any traction.

AG Tong wants the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew, to attend the conference to discuss solutions to the troubling development. Tong also mentioned the necessity to talk about how TikTok is negatively impacting youth, pointing to the “Devious Licks Challenge,” which saw students vandalize and steal public property, with some targeting their schools.

Tong brought up other instances of the app harming the mental and physical stability of young people, noting overdoses on medication, engaging in physically dangerous acts, and disfiguring their bodies. The Connecticut AG added that whatever TikTok has done to enforce its terms of service hasn’t worked, and the company should do more to protect its users. Tong further requested that TikTok give a detailed list of everything it’s doing to prevent users from misusing and abusing the platform.

This is the second time the popular social media app has drawn the attention of American politics. Former President Trump attempted to ban the platform in 2020, citing a national security risk.

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