Train System Crashing Because of WHAT?!

Los Angeles Metro

( – It is hard to believe this is happening in the United States of America and not some backwater, third-world country, but thieves are all but shutting down the Los Angeles Metro System because of what they are stealing.

According to Breitbart News in a new piece headlined “Los Angeles Metro Suffers Third World-style Wave of Copper Wire Theft“:

“The Los Angeles Metro train system is suffering a wave of Third World-style copper cable theft that has disrupted service as criminals seek to strip the metal from the transportation network and sell it on the scrap market.

Similar theft has all but halted freight rail lines in South Africa, whose economy is threatened by syndicates that steal copper and other materials, and which have also rendered commuter lines in major cities all but useless.” [emphasis added]

Breitbart then quotes the Los Angeles Times:

“A section of Los Angeles’ Metro rail system that extends from Norwalk to the South Bay was delayed this week because of the theft of copper wires used to power the rail cars.

“The incident marks the latest in a surge of thefts of valuable copper wiring, which has caused disruptions for the rail system, which serves more than 5 million riders a month…

“Copper wire thieves are also targeting lights on Los Angeles streets and freeways. In the last four years, Caltrans has spent about $24 million on repairs, according to NBC News.” [emphasis added]

This is a development worth watching as the thefts are certain to spread to other rail lines across the United States.