Trans Athletes Banned

Lia Thomas

( – The Marxist doctrine of transgenderism, also known as “gender ideology,” has suffered a major blow after the International Swimming Federation (FINA) decided that men may not compete as women in swimming competitions worldwide.

FINA has ended up announcing the otherwise obvious decision due to the growing transgender, woke, and Marxist propaganda and activism, which has been rapidly populating girls’ and women’s sports in the United States and other Western nations with biological men claiming to be “women.”

More specifically, the new stating-the-obvious rules of FINA, i.e., that “men are not women,” state that males who have gone through puberty cannot be eligible to compete as females in international swimming contests around the globe.

The decision to ban men who have experienced puberty from women’s swimming was supported by 71% of the 152 members of FINA, Breitbart News reported.

At the same time, though, while the new rules of the international swimming body are certainly a severe setback for the aggressively advancing far-left ideology of transgenderism, FINA’s members still decided to leave the door open to being “inclusive.”

Thus, they are still going to allow “transgender athletes” to compete in women’s swimming competitions, but only those who have “transitioned” from “being male” to “being female” before turning 12, i.e., before the onset of puberty.

Even with this concession, FINA’s new rules would have prevented Lia Thomas, the transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer, from winning this year’s NCAA championships for women and breaking female records.

“FINA’s approach in drafting this policy was comprehensive, science-based and inclusive, and, importantly, emphasized competitive fairness,” the body’s executive director Brent Nowicki stated.

In another concession to the gender ideology of the leftist radicals, however, the federation is setting up “an open category” of swimming competitions in which “everybody has the opportunity to compete at an elite level,” in the words of FINA President Husain Al-Musallam.

“This has not been done before, so FINA will need to lead the way. I want all athletes to feel included in being able to develop ideas during this process,” Al Musallam explained.

LGBT activists were naturally left fuming by the new approach to transgenderism in women’s swimming on part of the international federation, as the Marxist movement demanded unconditional, totalitarian surrender to its postulates. Athlete Ally, a far-left group, has blasted FINA’s new policy as “discriminatory” towards men who want to compete as women.