Transgender ‘Safety Restrictions’ Needed?!

( – The absurdities caused by the march of leftist liberalism are getting crazier as a sad but logical incident has led a Democrat-run state, which allows males, and not just “trans women,” to compete in women’s sports, to seek “safety restrictions” for protecting the female athletes in their games.

The superintendent of a Massachusetts school district has called for stricter safety measures regarding male participation in girls’ sports, National Review reports.

This follows an incident where a female field hockey player suffered severe facial injuries after being hit by a ball shot by a male opponent.

In early November, a girl from the Dighton-Rehoboth field hockey team was struck in the face by a shot from a senior male player from Swampscott, identified as Sawyer Groothius.

The girl sustained significant facial and dental injuries, including losing some teeth.

Bill Runey, Superintendent of Schools for Dighton-Rehoboth, has voiced his concerns about the inherent physical differences between males and females in sports.

“There’s a much higher risk of severe injuries when males are allowed to participate in female athletics,” he said.

“I understand it is the legislation we have to work under. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but in the short term there need to be modifications to the rules, so we can do better in terms of player safety,” he added.

Massachusetts’ Equal Rights amendment permits boys to compete in girls’ sports if no equivalent male team exists.

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) implements this law alongside Title IX.

In a similar case in April 2023, Payton McNabb, a senior at Hiwassee Dam High School in North Carolina, received severe injuries from a volleyball match involving a male competitor.

“I suffered a concussion and neck injury that to this day I’m still recovering from,” she said, also mentioning ongoing issues with vision, partial paralysis, anxiety, and depression. Her opponent was a man claiming to be a woman.

Runey emphasized that his concerns are not about the athletic abilities of female players but about the potential severity of injuries in mixed-gender competitions.

“This is in no way a commentary that female athletes are weaker… This is a case of my concern of the potential severity of the injuries,” the superintendent said.

As a solution, he suggested limitations on male players in women’s sports, such as restricting them to defensive roles or requiring protective equipment like face masks.