Trump Ruling Is ‘Appalling’ (Video)

Donald Trump

( – The latest act of blatant persecution against Donald Trump – a ruling by an Illinois judge that he should be disqualified from the 2024 election over the January 6, 2021, events at the US Capitol – is utterly “appalling” and a show of “arrogance,” a former senior DOJ official has declared.

See a video of the former official’s comments below!

Sol Wisenberg, a former deputy independent counsel, sharply criticized a decision by an Illinois judge that barred former President Donald Trump from appearing on the ballot.

This ruling was made by Cook County Judge Tracie Porter late Wednesday evening.

She disqualified Trump from participating in the March 19 Republican primary and the November 5 general election, basing her decision on the 14th Amendment’s clause related to insurrection.

The Supreme Court had already listened to arguments on February 8 regarding Trump’s challenge to a similar disqualification ruling made by the Colorado Supreme Court on December 19.

Wisenberg expressed his dismay to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, emphasizing the arrogance and poor timing of Judge Porter’s decision, The Daily Caller reports.

“The arrogance of this is appalling, and waiting until this late in the day to do it, giving the president, the former president just until Friday to file an appeal to the Supreme Court. It is already Wednesday, and then to say at the end of it, she issues an order that says my ruling will be further stayed if the U.S. Supreme Court enters an opinion inconsistent with this order,” the former DOJ official stated.

“Well, guess what? If they do what most people think they’re going to do, they’re going to enter an opinion that makes it impossible for Illinois to take him off the ballot. So, the arrogance of that is just, should not astonish me, but it does,” he added.

Adding to the controversy, Shenna Bellows, the Democratic Secretary of State of Maine, had previously declared Trump ineligible to appear on the ballot on December 28. However, this decision was put on hold pending a Supreme Court ruling.

Wisenberg further predicted that the Supreme Court would clarify that states do not have the authority to remove candidates from ballots or impose conditions for presidential candidates that exceed what is outlined in the Constitution.

He made a cynical reference to Cook County’s reputation for electoral malpractices with the remark.

“You know what they say about Cook County, vote early and vote often. … This is consistent with their pathetic history of election non-integrity,” the former official said.