Trump Says He Knows How To Stop School Shootings

( – Former President Donald Trump has declared he has a solution to school shootings: arming a small share of teachers nationwide with firearms.

In an interview after his address at the National Rifle Association (NRA) annual gathering in Indianapolis, Trump told Breitbart News that if only 5% of all school teachers had guns, there would be no more school shooting attacks.

The 45th president of the United States and leading 2024 GOP presidential candidate also declared that the main cause of school shootings is America’s mental health crisis and the influx of illicit narcotics through the border with Mexico.

“More than anything else, it’s mental health, and a lot of it is caused by drugs — the drugs are flowing in,” Trump stated.

“We had it down to about a 32-year-low at the border. I heard today they’re ten times higher than just three years ago. Can you imagine that? But I think more than anything else, it’s mental health, by far. And a lot of that mental health is caused by drugs,” the former president elaborated.

During his speech at the annual NRA gathering, he insisted there should be a tax credit for qualified teachers to get firearms which would allow them to protect students in the event of a mass shooting.

In his subsequent interview, Trump noted that many teachers are former military or police officers, so they are qualified to use firearms – and if they were allowed to be armed, school shootings would stop.

“You have teachers that are military vets — and I’m talking about people that know how to handle firearms because that’s a talent—police officers. But you have teachers that are very good with firearms,” the former president noted.

“You don’t need many. I would say 5 percent — that would be a lot. You could never hire that many security guards. They have every bit as much talent in many cases — they’re champion shooters and everything else. If they qualify at a very high level, I would let them take arms in with them,” elaborated the 2024 Republican nomination frontrunner.

He further dwelled on how any such teachers “love the students” and would be prepared to defend them.

Trump didn’t dismiss the need for armed security guards at school entrances, but he insisted that having a small share of armed teachers would contribute much more to students’ safety.

“If people thought that randomly the teachers have guns, they wouldn’t go into the schools. You let everyone know that a lot of teachers are going to have guns — some people say 15 percent, but I would say 5 percent is enough,” the former president hypothesized.

“If some wacko thinks that some of these teachers they’re going to walk into have guns and they’re expert and really know how to use them, you’re not going to have a problem anymore. They’re not going to have to use them,” Trump concluded.

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