Trump Slams Biden on Border Crisis

Donald Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump blasted Joe Biden for transforming the United States into a “dumping ground” for illegal immigrants from around the world.

The former president’s comments came as Biden oversaw on Thursday, May 11, the expiration of Title 42, the Trump administration’s policy started in March 2020 to enable the swift expulsion of border jumpers on public health grounds.

Over 6 million illegal immigrants have invaded the US since Biden took over, including almost 2 million “gotaways” and at least 2.7 million who got sent back under Title 42.

“[Biden has] officially abolished what remained of America’s borders and turned the United States into a dumping ground for illegal aliens from all over the world,” Trump declared on Thursday on Title 42’s end.

“On day one of my new administration, I will end this travesty and restore the sovereign borders of the United States of America. We will immediately resume expedited removals of people that are crossing illegally, our border,” the former president said.

His statement was released by his political action committee, the “Make America Great Again” PAC, as cited by Newsmax.

Title 42 allowed US Border Patrol agents to kick out illegal border crossers without having to formally detain them and report their detention and without obliging them to consider their asylum requests first.

As the Trump-era policy ended at 11:59 pm on Thursday, the Biden administration has been implementing measures that would supposedly crack down on illegal border crossings by offering migrants legal pathways to the United States.

Those include submitting an online application through a smartphone app, passing background checks, and having a sponsor.

President Joe Biden commented his administration was trying to make the shift orderly.

“But it remains to be seen,” he told reporters. It’s going to be chaotic for a while,” he told reporters.

However, Trump, the 2024 Republican presidential nomination frontrunner, reacted by stating the left had turned the United States into a “Third-World nation.”

“At this very moment, illegal aliens are lined up by the tens of thousands, ready to break into our country, knowing that even if they are caught, Joe Biden will order them immediately released into American communities and many of these people are very dangerous,” the former president said.

“Under Biden, our border is gone, our sovereignty is gone. Our national security is gone. And we are quickly becoming that Third-World nation that I’ve been talking about for so long. It’s happening to us if you can believe that. The United States of America is now a Third-World nation,” Trump declared.

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