UFC Head Says They Will Never Bow to Political Correctness

UFC Head Says They Will Never Bow to Political Correctness

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Amid American companies caving to “woke” culture, it appears that Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is taking a stand. The UFC head asserted that the organization is no place for political correctness.

White’s comments come after a reporter asked him if the UFC was going to do anything about one fighter making racist remarks to their opponent. The UFC president said he believed that the issue handled itself in the cage, as the “victim” won the fight. The reporter’s question seemed to strike a nerve with White.

White asserted that the UFC was a rough sport and that it certainly wasn’t nice. He added that several fighters say terrible things to their opponents and they handle their issues in the cage during the fight. White indicated the best way to deal with conflicts between their fighters is for them to duke it out legally and get paid for it.

The UFC head claimed that his organization likely isn’t the only sport where such incidents happen, citing boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai also involve violence between players. White asserted that in the world we live in, where everyone and everything is politically correct, the UFC isn’t one of them.

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