UPDATE: Huge Surge of Illegals Crossed the Border

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – About 1,000 illegal aliens from Venezuela have invaded through the US-Mexican border near El Paso, Texas after they learned a U.S. District Judge had terminated the Title 42 policy allowing migrants to be expelled on public health grounds.

Earlier this week, a Washington, DC-based judge ruled that the Trump-era policy, which led to the expulsion of more than 2.4 million illegals since it was adopted in March 2020, contradicted existing U.S. legislation.

The ruling was in favor of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the Biden administration is unlikely to appeal since it already sought to terminate Title 42 this spring.

The judge’s decision has sparked fears it would lead to an even more enormous surge in illegal immigrant numbers after President Joe Biden’s first 21 months in office saw more than 5.5 million crossing into the United States, including over 1 million undetected gotaways.

A source from U.S. Customs and Border Protection cited by Breitbart News has revealed that nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants, most of whom are from Venezuela, have been living in a makeshift camp on the Mexican side of the border, across from El Paso.

“The migrants were… waiting for an end to CDC Title 42 COVID-19 expulsions,” the source was quoted as saying.

After they crossed into the United States, more than 900 were detained and sent to Border Patrol processing facilities.

“The chaos began when the migrants received word about a U.S. District Court ruling that ended the practice of expelling certain migrants under the CDC authority,” the source added.

The report clarified that even though the ruling told the Biden administration to end Title 42 later this week, the judge changed his order heeding the government’s request to keep it in force until December 21 of this year.

The return of the Venezuelan illegals to Mexico is problematic since the existing agreement for expulsion under Title 42 allows for sending back up to 200 migrants at five specific border locations each, including El Paso.

“The source believes many in the group will achieve their goal of release [inside the United States],” the report said.

In October, the El Paso sector of the Southern Border – one of the sectors in Texas and a total of nine on the entire border – became its busiest, with 53,000 illegals detained that month, a nearly fourfold rise compared with the 14,000 migrants caught there a year earlier.