US Hypersonic Missile Test Fails

US Hypersonic Missile Test Fails

( – China recently tested a hypersonic weapon, which has stirred concerns among US defense officials and President Joe Biden. Those concerns likely deepened after the United States tried to test a hypersonic missile of its own. Even though the assessment proved to be unsuccessful, the effort wasn’t a total waste.

The Department of Defense (DOD) attempted to try out the missile on October 21, in Alaska, when a booster rocket malfunctioned, thwarting the launch. According to DOD officials, the rocket allegedly lifted off from the launch pad before it failed.

Lieutenant Commander Timothy Gorman, a spokesman for the Pentagon, asserted the unsuccessful launch didn’t involve America’s hypersonic program. He insists the failure occurred in a rocket booster, not the actual weapon itself, and noted that experts in the program are studying why it failed so they can improve future trials. The spokesman added that both successful and unsuccessful experiments are crucial in the development of technology and weapons systems.

According to the Pentagon, The US Army and Navy successfully tested hypersonic weapon technology on October 20, just one day before the failed booster stopped experts from evaluating the missile in Alaska. Experts mentioned that China’s recent hypersonic weapons testing probably isn’t enough to begin a new arms race, but they admitted that it may change the way the United States conducts its inspections and how the DOD prepares missile defense strategies.

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