VIDEO: Biden Can Barely Complete A Sentence At White House Briefing

Joe Biden

( – On almost all occasions, when we present a video of an individual to our subscribers here at The Last Patriot News, we also prepare and provide a transcript of what that individual said that is contained in the video.

It doesn’t matter who is in the video.

It doesn’t matter their political party.

We always want to present a transcript along with the video.

Unfortunately, as you will see firsthand when you watch the video of Joe Biden a bit further down this post, we could not transcribe what he said because so much of it is unintelligible.

There can be no doubt that Joe Biden struggles at times to communicate. So much so that questions about his mental fitness to sit in the Oval Office have even been raised by members of his own party.

Even with that background, the video below may be the hardest Biden has struggled verbally while on camera.

Please watch the video of Biden below and see if you can tell what is happening. Email your thoughts to [email protected]. Thank you.