Video: Biden Promises Americans MORE Pain At The Pump

Joe Biden

( – While addressing Americans from the White House in a nationally televised speech about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden admitted that Americans are about to pay a price for the sanctions he is imposing on Russia.

The price he said Americans will pay is increased cost for gasoline that is already at record levels. This comes as the price of a Brent Crude Oil touched $99.50 a barrel at one point today.

You can watch Biden’s remarks about the cost of gasoline in the video a bit further down this post.

Oil and gas analysts now predict that the price of crude will quickly rise far above $100 a barrel, meaning Americans may be on track to pay the highest gas prices in history.

According to Biden, while speaking about the costs he is imposing on Russia through economic sanctions and how that will raise the price of gasoline here in the United States:

“Defending freedom will have costs for us as well, and here at home. We need to be honest about that. But as we do this, I’m going to take robust action to make sure the pain of our sanctions is targeted at the Russian economy, not ours.”

Interestingly, Biden did not say what “robust action” he will take to protect American consumers who are already hurting from skyrocketing inflation that is far outpacing any meager increases they’ve seen in wages.

Bottom line: Americans need to prepare for more financial pain as they take more hits to their wallets.

Please watch the video below and share your thoughts on the prospect of gasoline prices going even higher by emailing [email protected]. Is it a price you’re willing to pay as part of Biden’s plans to impose economic sanctions on Russia? Why or why not?