VIDEO: Biden Wanders Wrong Way – Again!

Joe Biden Wanders Wrong Way After Speech

( – In what is becoming a daily happening — sometimes even more than once a day — Joe Biden seemingly didn’t know what to do or where to go yesterday after delivering remarks about the federal government’s response to Hurricane Ian at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters.

You can watch the video a bit further down this post. Please pay special attention to what the other officials around Biden say and do as he walks away.

Biden and one other official had concluded their prepared remarks, and then Biden took questions from the press pool. Here are the last few questions and answers 9from the official White House transcript) and what then happened.

Reporter: Mr. President, how would you describe your relationship and your conversation with Governor DeSantis?

Biden: It’s totally irrelevant, but I’ll answer it. Okay? In fact, very fine. He complimented me. He thanked me for the immediate response we had. He told me how much he appreciated it. He said he was extremely happy with what’s going on. This is not about whether or — anything having to do with our disagreements politically. This is about saving people’s lives, homes, and businesses. That’s what this is about. And so, I’ve been — I’ve talked to him four, five times already. And it’s not a matter of my disagreements with him on other items.

Reporter: Do you hold Russia responsible for the rupture of the Nord Stream pipeline?

Biden: Let’s stick with this, okay?

Reporter: But it’s an important international issue. We have —

Biden: There’s a lot of important international issues, but we’re here to talk about America. Okay? Thank you.

Reporter: Do you need more money from Congress for this response?

Biden: We may. Thank you.

At this point, Biden turned to his right and walked into an area that, based on the reaction of the other officials who were with him, was not where he was to go. You can see the officials gesturing in the other direction and calling out to him to try and get his attention.

Here is the video: