VIDEO: Bill Clinton Confronted about Jeffrey Epstein

( – Former President Bill Clinton grinned and gave a one-sentence answer before walking away when confronted by a reporter about his connection with the now-dead pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

You can watch a video of the confrontation further down this post.

The former Democrat president’s reaction to the “Epstein question” was caught in a 17-second video shared on Twitter.

Juan Mendoza, a conservative reporter, posed the question to Bill Clinton while the 42nd president of the United States was attending a campaign rally in Laredo, Texas, for local Democrat US Rep. Henry Cuellar, The Daily Caller reported.

“Any comments on the allegations of your connection with Jeffrey Epstein?” Mendoza asked as Clinton leaned in to be able to hear the question.

The former US president responded with a wide grin before uttering, “I think the evidence is clear,” and then walking away.

In a tweet following the post of his Bill Clinton video, the reporter joked that he was “not suicidal … just in case,” an allusion to the fate of Jeffrey Epstein.

The convicted pedophile financier known for his wide-reaching but secretive political connections allegedly committed suicide in a New York jail cell in 2019. Yet, public suspicions remain that he may have been killed so as not to disclose likely “dirty secrets” of top-level political and business figures.

Bill Clinton, President of the United States from 1993-2001 and known for his multiple sex affairs, was a close friend of Epstein.

Clinton’s officials have praised the disgraced financier as a “philanthropist,” while the former president flew on Epstein’s private jet at least four times after 2001. While Clinton was in the White House, the pedophile financier visited at least 17 times.

Clinton’s aides denied that the former president had any knowledge of Epstein’s sex trafficking activity.

In a 2021 court testimony during the trial of Epstein’s former girlfriend and associate Ghislaine Maxwell, the financier’s longtime pilot, Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr., said both Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump had been on the financier’s private plane.

Presently jailed on multiple charges, Maxwell has told The Sun she had a close friendship with Bill Clinton.

“It was a special friendship, which continued over the years. We had lots in common. I feel bad that he is another victim only because of his association with Jeffrey. I understand he, like others can no longer consider me as a friend,” Epstein’s right hand said.

Here’s the video: