VIDEO: CNN Reporter Sucks Up to Biden

Fareed Zakaria

( – Long-time CNN host Fareed Zakaria was all but licking Joe Biden’s boots as he piled praise on him, calling him an “impressive” and “great president” during an interview aired on Sunday.

You can watch a video clip of what happened further down this post.

Zakaria’s unabashed sucking-up to Biden came towards the end of the interview when he brought up the 80-year-old president’s age and reelection bid.

“Mr. President, you’ve often said when people ask you about your age, ‘Just watch me!’ And I think a lot of people do watch you and are impressed, and they think you’ve been a great president,” declared the leftist journalist and author.

He then went on to list some of Biden’s alleged achievements, asking the president to convince those of his supporters thinking he might be too old for a second White House term.

“You’ve brought the economy back, you’ve restored relations with the world. But many of these people do say, and these are hardened supporters of yours, the next thing he should do is step aside and let another generation of Democrats take the baton. Why are they wrong?” Zakaria asked.

Biden responded by stating that those Democrats saying that he should step down were not necessarily right or wrong.

“I think we’re at an inflection point. I think the world is changing, and I think there is one thing that comes with age if you’re being honest about it your whole life, and that is some wisdom,” the president replied.

“I think we’re on the cusp of being able to make significant positive changes in the world. Really honest to God do. You’ve seen what we’ve done in Europe. They are more united since the end of World War II,” he elaborated.

He then touted his administration’s alleged foreign policy accomplishments without responding directly to the question.

“I think we’re putting the world together in a way that is going to make things significantly — how could I say it — more secure for people. We’re uniting democracies, have the possibility of uniting democracies in a way that hadn’t happened ever,” he declared.

“I think we have enormous opportunities and I think I just want to finish the job. And I think we could do that in the next six years,” the president concluded.

Here is the video: