VIDEO: Did Hillary Clinton Just Say What We Think She Did?

Hillary Clinton

( – Last night, Hillary Clinton went on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show that caters to socialists and communists and used that platform to tell Russians what they must do about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

You can watch the video clip below.

Of course, a preliminary question is why does Hillary think the Russian people will listen to her when not even the American people care to hear her thoughts these days?

Truth be told, most Democrats want nothing to do with Hillary because she’s a loser. And nothing throws a greater stench in American politics than being a loser.

Still, you are the judge.

To our ears, in the video clip below, it sounds like Hillary is calling on the Russians to kill Putin. Or, at the very least, depose him from his position as president.

Please watch the video below and then email [email protected] and share your opinion about what Hillary seems to be telling the Russian people. Do you think Russians will listen to her any more than Americans? Why or why not?