VIDEO: Doocy Shreds Biden and Psaki

Jen Psaki

( – As anyone and everyone who watches the daily White House press briefings knows, Peter Doocy of Fox News has become the arch-nemesis of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Their almost daily verbal sparring and battles have already become legendary, as with the video a bit further down this post.

Yesterday brought another episode of Doocy shredding Psaki and Joe Biden by asking questions that are undoubtedly fair game given the way Biden and the entire Biden administration are trying to jam “green energy” mandates down the throats of Americans.

As you’ll see in the video below:

Doocy: You guys are pushing electric vehicles today. This is a president who always talks about the power of our example. Does he own an electric vehicle?

Psaki: Presidents of the United States don’t do a lot of driving.

Doocy: He’s posted videos where he’s revving the engine of his Corvette in Wilmington. He owns cars.

Psaki: And he also has driven electric vehicles as president to give a model to the rest of the country.

Doocy: Does he own one?

Psaki: I think the President’s record on this is clear, Peter. Presidents of the United States – current and when they are no longer – typically are not doing a lot of driving.

As anyone can see from the video, Psaki used many words and excuses, but her answer was obvious. Biden does not own an electric vehicle.

Please watch the video below and then share your opinion by emailing [email protected]. Is Biden a hypocrite for not owning an electric vehicle when he’s trying to convince everyone else in the United States of America to buy one?