VIDEO: Fox News Defends Barack Obama Against Trump

Bret Baier

( – In remarks that will not go over well with former President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly claimed that former President Barack Obama took 33 million documents with him — including classified documents — when he left the presidency in 2017, Fox News Host Bret Baier contradicted Trump and told the Fox News audience, “The President Obama documents were handled properly.”

You can watch the video of Bret Baier’s remarks further down this post.

According to Bret Baier, at the key point in the video clip below:

“President Obama, according to NARA in that statement and everything we know, followed all of the processies to get those documents to Chicago. There was a lot of grumbling that they hadn’t been posted online as promised. But how they were handled was done by that process. So, the difference is…The President Obama documents were handled properly. And the question is whether there’s a paper trail and a process for [Trump’s] documents if that is what the Trump lawyers and the former president are arguing.”

Here is the video of Bret Baier claiming Obama’s documents were handled properly:

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