VIDEO: ‘Gestapo’ Beat Woman For Daring to Reject COVID Lockdown

Police Beat Woman at COVID Restrictions Protest

( – As you’ll see in the video below, and based on eyewitness accounts on the scene, a woman who was protesting COVID restrictions was dragged into a police van in Germany and beaten while other protesters and onlookers filmed the event.

Then, when the police realized that their colleagues were being filmed beating the woman, they quickly scrambled to pull curtains across the windows inside the police van so that the other protesters and eyewitnesses could no longer see and record what the police were doing to the woman.

After watching the video further down this post, please email [email protected] and share your reaction to, and opinion of, what the police did to the woman in the video merely because she had protested COVID restrictions. Do you believe the fact that the police pulled a curtain to shield what they were doing to the woman inside the police van from public view indicates they knew they were doing something wrong? Why or why not? Are you concerned that law enforcement authorities worldwide are getting more violent with COVID restriction protesters? Have you seen any similar acts where you live? We appreciate all feedback and look forward to seeing your thoughts and opinions. Thank you.

Here is the video. Press the arrow in the center of the frame. As the video begins, look to the windows on the police van in the distance as the camera settles in that direction:

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