VIDEO: Hero Cops Save Man An Instant Before Train Obliterates His Plane

Hero Cops In Action

( – On a day when it was announced that 2021 was the deadliest year to be a police officer in American history, we have video evidence (see below) of just how heroic these men and women are and the length to which they will go to protect and serve their fellow Americans.

Just the other day, uniformed officers employed by the Los Angeles Police Department were called to assist the pilot of a small private aircraft who had made an emergency crash landing on railroad tracks.

During the emergency landing, the pilot was injured and was unable to get out of the plane without help. Whether he knew it or not, as he and his plane sat on the railroad tracks, an oncoming train was speeding toward him without any ability to stop in time.

As you’ll see in the video below, while risking their own lives, several police officers with the Foothill Division of the LAPD were able to pull the pilot out of the plane an instant before the train crashed into the plane – obliterating it as the officers pulled the pilot to safety.

There is no way the pilot would’ve survived, and he is one fortunate man to have survived an emergency plane crash landing and a train crashing into his plane, all within a matter of moments.

Here’s the video. After watching, send your reaction to [email protected]. Is he the luckiest man alive or what?

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