VIDEO: Huge Group Of Illegals Crossing Into US

Illegals Crossing Into US

( – Yesterday, a huge group of illegal aliens was captured on video crossing a river border into the United States of America from Mexico while guided by “coyotes.”

The video you can watch further down this post is a graphic example of what is happening every day on the southern border of the U.S.

As Fox News reports in, “Massive group of hundreds of migrants streams across southern border as crisis intensifies“:

“A massive group of hundreds of illegal migrants streamed across the southern border in Texas on Wednesday — marking one of the largest groups to flood into the U.S. in recent months, and a dramatic snapshot of the historic crisis facing officials at the southern border.

“The hundreds of illegal border crossers were being guided into the water by smugglers, often referred to as “coyotes,” at the river in Eagle Pass, Texas, footage of which was captured by Fox News.” [emphasis added]

As Fox News accurately notes:

“The crisis escalated shortly after the Biden administration entered office early last year, and has seen consistently high numbers since then. Republicans have blamed the rolling back of Trump-era policies by the administration, as well as narrowed interior enforcement policies and calls for amnesty from Democrats.” [emphasis added]

Here is the video of the illegals crossing into the United States:

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