VIDEO: Illegal Alien Invasion Will Be Declared?!

( – A Republican US Senator believes Congress could deal a blow to the Biden/Harris policy of aiding and abetting the influx of millions of illegal aliens into the United States by passing his resolution to declare what is happening an “invasion.”

Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) plans to introduce a resolution that will designate the arrival of illegal immigrants as an “invasion” under the Constitution, allowing states to defend themselves.

You can watch a video of what is happening on the border further down this post.

“Since our own commander-in-chief won’t put a stop to this historic crisis — an invasion as defined by the US Constitution — Congress must recognize each state’s right to secure their borders themselves,” Marshall told The New York Post.

“Over 6 million migrants have crossed our southern border under Joe Biden’s watch. That’s more than double the population of the entire state of Kansas,” the GOP lawmaker pointed out.

The Post notes that the Democrat-controlled Senate would likely reject Marshall’s resolution.

Yet, a potential designation of the migrant influx as an “invasion” would invoke a constitutional clause empowering states to repel “invaders” independent of the federal government.

“[The resolution aims] to express the sense of the Senate regarding the constitutional right of state Governors to repel the dangerous ongoing invasion across the United States southern border,” the draft proposal reads, according to the report.

It seeks to invoke Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution, under which state authorities could have greater autonomy in fighting off an invasion.

“No state shall, without the consent of Congress … keep troops, or ships of war in time of peace, enter into any agreement or compact with another State, or with a foreign power, or engage in war, unless actually invaded,” states the clause in question.

A potential declaration of an invasion would also activate Section 4 of the Constitution, under which the federal government “shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.”

Marshall’s draft resolution lays out on ten pages how the Biden administration stimulated the illegal immigration crisis.

“Chinese military-aged men with ties to the CCP, cartel drug dealers, and people on the terrorist watch list are among the millions exploiting our border vulnerabilities. This is our nation’s most immediate national security threat, yet Joe Biden refuses to do anything to stop this invasion at our southern border,” the GOP senator declared.