VIDEO: Illegals Storm Border; Knock Down Guards

( – In a predictable but still truly outrageous turn of events, America’s illegal immigrant invasion has just turned violent, as illegals are now openly rushing the Southern Border, forcibly charging at border guards and knocking them down – as has just been shown by an incident in El Paso, Texas.

See videos of the illegal immigrant invaders violently storming the Southern Border below! 

Over a hundred migrants rushed a border wall in El Paso on Thursday, breaking through razor wire barriers and overpowering guards in their path, The New York Post reports.

This event was part of a larger gathering observed by The Post, which noted around 600 migrants had come together to that part of the US-Mexican border.

This influx is part of what’s been termed a ‘spring surge,’ a seasonal increase in migrant attempts to enter the United States.

Attempting to manage the situation, the Texas National Guard tried to organize the migrants into more manageable groups.

Tensions escalated when the separation of women and children from adult males by the guards led to confrontation.

A significant moment captured on video showed a group of migrants, predominantly single men, charging at the Texas troops.

Dressed in hoodies, gloves, and winter jackets, these men were seen dismantling fencing and braving concertina wire barriers.

They faced a defensive lineup of about five guards trying to block their passage. During the altercation, a large number of migrants succeeded in overpowering National Guard soldiers and made a dash for the border wall.

The guards, outnumbered, stood their ground, rifles in hand, trying to maintain a barrier against the surging crowd.

The situation intensified as guards resorted to physical measures to repel the migrants amid growing noise and chaos.

In the ensuing melee, some migrants were seen surrendering, while others persisted, maneuvering through any available space, including under the guards’ legs, to bypass the blockade.

The group’s desperation was palpable as they reached another border gate, pleading for mercy over hunger and the presence of women and children among them.

Reinforcements from the Texas National Guard arrived swiftly to secure the area, with attempts to restore order sometimes escalating to shouts of command.

An informant disclosed to The Post that the disruptive group, gathered at an area designated Gate 36 near a highway in El Paso, was eventually repelled back to Mexico.

However, reports indicated that arrests were made, and the remainder of the group was processed for entry into the US.

Bill Melugin, a Fox News reporter, later revealed through X that there had been an arrest for an assault on a soldier.

Despite the upheaval, El Paso recorded the release of 743 individuals from custody into the US on Thursday, under policies allowing for parole or asylum claim pursuits during President Biden’s administration.

The city has witnessed a significant influx of migrants recently, with nightly counts of those in Border Patrol custody reaching between 2,000 and 2,500.

“The surge today in El Paso is the direct result of the unsustainable chaos President Biden has unleashed on the border,” a spokesperson from Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott’s office said.

“The Texas Military Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety quickly gained control of the situation and are working to repair the damage. These illegal immigrants committed crimes in Texas, and the Department of Public Safety is under instruction to arrest every illegal immigrant involved for committing criminal trespass and destruction of property,” the official elaborated.

On Tuesday the state had begun to prepare implementing SB4, a new law to allow state and local authorities to make arrests for illegal entering the country, but an appeals court blocked the measure hours after the Supreme Court said it would allow it to go into effect.

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